I don't think a person needs to necessarily "see" God with his mortal
eyes. But the Holy Spirit's witness must be so strong as to totally
remove all doubt.  Joseph Smith once said that we must look directly at
the Sun and say it does not exist; to give an idea of what it means to
deny the Holy Ghost.  That tells me that most of us who have experienced
the converting power of the Holy Ghost just have not received it strongly
enough to know for certain. And I include myself in that group. I just
haven't received a strong enough witness to become a son of perdition, if
I were to choose right now to rebel totally against God.

K'aya K'ama,

Gerald (Gary) Smith     
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Gerald Smith wrote:
>I have some quotes here, which will show that one must do more than
>receive the Holy Ghost and reject it to become a candidate for
>You will see that one must receive the Holy Ghost, have the heavens
>opened up, know God, and then totally and completely rebel.
I agree with this, but what does it mean to "have the heavens opened up, 
and know God?"  Can a person gain a perfect knowledge so that faith is 
dormant by the witness of the Holy Ghost alone?  Or does he actually have

to see the face of God? --JWR

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