Okay, here's my bio:

Born in 1959 in Spokane Washington. Son of Ken and Antonia Smith. He was
born in Hailey Idaho, she in Dickinson ND.  His ancestry is mostly
British/Scot. Hers is entirely German-Russian Catholics. 

Raised most of my life in/near Missoula Montana, I grew up with my 3
brothers and 4 sisters in an extremely inactive family.  LDS friends of
mine introduced me to the Church in 1975, and I was baptized Dec 20th of
that year. Within a year, I was absorbing LDS scriptures, having read the
Book of Mormon, D&C, New Testament and a Marvelous Work and a Wonder in
that timeframe.

Served my mission to Bolivia from Dec 1978-80.  I converted hundreds of
thousands of the people there, it's just that most of them don't realize
it, yet.  ;-)

Returned, moved to Salt Lake City, Holladay area. Married Laura Thurber
in Feb 82, within a couple months, she got bored with me and we were
quickly into family counseling.  Left for the Air Force in Oct 82, with
her filing for divorce while I was in Basic Training and Tech School. 
Survived Air Force Law Enforcement and K9 training.  Divorced finalized
on my first day at my first assignment in Fort Worth Texas (Carswell
AFB).  Worked with patrol and explosive detection dogs there.  In 1985,
sent to Korea for a year, where I guarded the base's fence line from
invasions. I was very successful, as no North Korean attacks occurred at
my base during my 12 month stint there.  

While in Korea, I started writing an old friend, Ramona Jackson.  We sent
photos of ourselves to each other (crossed in the mail), and both had a
strong Holy Spirit-like feeling that we should see more of each other,
upon seeing the photos.  Returned home in Feb 86, spent two weeks in SLC,
where my parents and family had migrated to and become active. Then went
to Indianapolis to visit Ramona. In one week, we were engaged.

I went to Mississippi for 6 weeks for cross training into computers, and
then was assigned to Gunter Air Force Station, Montgomery AL in June.
Ramona and I tied the Celestial knot in the Chicago temple on August 16,
1986; and I moved her and her three kids down with me.  The Air Force
left me at Gunter for the next 16.5 years working in the computer field,
until I retired on Nov 1, 2002.  We spent a couple months selling our
home and visiting family, then moved to Indianapolis in January of this
year.  All three kids are grown. Aaron is married with 5 kids, in the Air
Force in Las Vegas (Explosives Ordnance Disposal expert). Michal, our
daughter, is married in Montgomery; her husband photographs genealogy
records there for the Church. Our youngest, John, returned from his
Alaskan mission in Oct 2002, and has been working since.  He has had two
experiences I have not yet had the experience to have: meet John Redelfs
and taste Esperanza's cooking.

I am now working as an office manager for an LDS owned company that makes
components for race cars (mostly Indy and Nascar). So, when your favorite
driver crosses the finish line, chances are we've made his oil pump,
exhaust, or hubs.  We purchased an older 1935 home, two blocks from
Ramona's brother, who is bishop here in Plainfield. I have 4 years until
I'm in danger of that bishop calling-thingy.  I am the 11 year old scout
leader, and Ramona teaches 4 year old Primary.

Previous callings: Bishopric (2x), Stake Mission Presidency (2x), Ward
mission leader (3x), stake clerk (2x), ward clerk, ward exec secretary,
Melchizedek Priesthood Group Leader, YM President, choir director.  My
favorite church calling experiences: in the choirs for the Korean and
Birmingham AL temple dedications; and Leader for the new group (now
branch) in Tuskegee AL.  Ordained an elder in 1978, and a high priest in

Hobbies: Reading (gospel, history, science, some fiction);
walking/biking; Internet. I'm also a hat wearer, only started wearing
ball caps in the last 6 years. My favorite hat right now is my Boy Scout
fedora, one of several I've owned over the years.  

I've been on the Internet since 1986, and was an active member of some
early LDS email lists, like: Morm-Ant (run by Bill Hamblin, prof at BYU).
 I was one of Zion's first members, as JWR , I and a few others tired of
the anti-Mormon attacks found at Mormon-L.  I was the list co-owner for a
time, until early this year when I left for a break, due to the direction
this list was going. I decided, with the death of my dear friend Marc
Schindler, to return, so I could enjoy the presence of JWR, Val, Stephen,
Steven, Tom, Scott, Ron, David, and many others that I've come to know as
close friends over the many years.

I have met a few Zion members over the years, including Tom Valleta,
Scott and Doug McGee, Dave Kenison and Dave Crockett, Tami Reber (who is
like a kid sister to me that I haven't heard from in years), Heidi, etc. 

I look forward to meeting those in the Indiana/Midwest area.  What I
would love, is for us to plan a Nauvoo reunion get-together next summer.
Meet on a Saturday, go to a session, then dinner/lunch, and walk around
the sites.  Who's interested?  I'm going to be pushing this from now
until we organize something.

All of you are welcome to use my home as a central pad for visiting the
Church sites (or other visits). We're 5-6 hours from Nauvoo and Kirtland,
and 8 hours from Independence Mo and Palmyra.

K'aya K'ama,

Gerald (Gary) Smith     
http://www.geocities.com/rameumptom/index.html         LDS Evidences,
Family History, Food Storage, etc.

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