Attempt to start new thread #3.

As many of you know, I reside in Japan, making my living by
babysitting kids ... I mean teaching kids English lessons.  -- 
One thing I would like to try to do is put on a program for these
kids' parents to make them think that I'm actually doing some
work.  I know that ELF and Tom Matkin have made reference to
being in various dramatic productions.  I'm sure there are
probably others as well.  Does anyone here have any ideas on
where I could find simple plays (the operative word being
"simple") that these kids with little English experience could
learn and perform?  These would NOT by LDS-central, though for
little kids I don't suppose there would be anything too weird.

I think my attempt to start a new thread is really stretching it

Cousin Bill
"Our country, right or wrong.  When
right, to be kept right.  When wrong,
to be put right." -- Carl Schurz

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