About seventeen years ago, I lived at BYU with my cousin in a big old 
yellow polygamist house in Provo (5th East and 7th North, across the 
street from the laundromat there) that had been divided into four 
apartments.  The smallest of those apartments was inhabited by a guy who 
taught ninjutsu, that is, ninja stuff.  Really.  He and his students 
(eight or so) would take large, sneaky steps around the yard with a 
three-foot sword tucked into their sash, slitting imaginary throats and 
throwing ninja stars at the tree trunks.  Sometimes they wore those 
little face-hiding scarves.  My cousin and I always felt safer knowing 
we lived by a ninja, and it had some entertainment value, as well.

So my question is: Does anyone on this list do martial arts-type stuff?  
Any ninjas, or karate kids, or judo choppers, or boxers, or Muay Thai 
kickboxers?  Any of that stuff actually work in a practical self-defense 
situation?  My kids took aikido for a while, which was very fun for them 
and all, but got way too expensive for us, and I never thought it looked 
very useful for any actual self-defense purposes.  Anyone care to 
educate me?

Samurai Stephen

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