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> Who am I?
> Think back to high school.  Remember the coolest kid there?  He was
> incredibly smart, but so athletic that the jocks wanted to hang with him
> anyway.  He was so good-looking that the cheerleaders all wanted to date
> him, but his girlfriend was the friendly but shy girl with braces that
> no one (besides him) ever noticed was beautiful until she was a senior.
> He was the guy who was always nice to freshmen, even geeky ones; who
> didn't back down to any of the bullies, even when they were bugging
> others instead of him; who got along with all the teachers and the
> administrators, but still managed to be everyone's favorite person.
> Every parent wanted their daughter to date him and their son to be just
> like him.  He was voted Most Likely To Succeed, and at your 20-year
> reunion, he was the one to show up with his old girlfriend (now wife)
> with pictures of their ten children and an agreeable and understated
> manner belying his twenty-million-dollar profit from selling off his
> biotech company, which you read about in _The Economist_ a couple of
> months ago.
> Remember that guy?
> Now remember his socially-inept, clumsy, nerdy little zit-faced brother
> who stammered a lot and wet his pants during the sex ed segment of
> Health class?  That's me.
> Stephen
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