John W. Redelfs wrote:

Not only that, but according to Christ, almsgiving is to be done
anonymously.  Mother Theresa was FAMOUS for her unselfishness.  Just how
unselfish can giving be when it brings that kind of fame?  --JWR

I think that we need to be careful about our view of MT.  This writer didn't
like her because she was against birth control, for one thing.  I don't
begrudge her for that.  He also didn't like the fact that she took money
from scummy people.  I can see her point of view - she may have been so
bothered by the poverty she saw that she lost a little bit of objectivity.
As to publishing her charity, I don't know if she did this, or the donors
did this, or the press did this, or the Catholic Church did this.  And she
was more effective as a collector of funds given her visibility.

So I suggest that we withhold our criticism of MT and focus on our own
salvation. MT will be judged on her intent and the wishes of her heart.


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