At 03:35 PM 11/10/2003, you wrote:
> Yes, yes, Till once had a bugeye Austin Healy Sprite*.  Absolute fun to
> drive.  The only drawbacks were the long gap between 2nd and 3rd gear, and
> the absence of side windows (had curtains) when it was cold.  Sure miss
> that little blue Frog!

I had a 1953 Healy 100.  It was a "sports car" of sorts, but it had a 4
banger 2800 cc engine and transmission out of a tractor.  You could climb up
the side of a building in first gear, maxing out at 4 MPH.

I bet it couldn't beat my 1953 Willey's Jeep 4 banger I used to own. Once in 4-Wheel Drive, I could idle my way up steep hillsides. That old Jeep was great fun.

Steven Montgomery

Senior Editor, The Constitutional Broadside Newsletter

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