Gerald a Smith wrote:

> My car is a 1995 Saturn. I bought it almost 2 years ago for $1500, with
> 200K miles on it. It now has $240K miles on it and still running great. 
> I think my next car might be a Saturn, also.

I may have a question for you, then. 

I've got a '95 Saturn also, an SL1, that's at 215,000+ miles.  But there 
are several problems with the car that have accumulated over the last 
few months, the most serious of which seems to be the transmission.  
Currently it drives and shifts OK, but I'm hearing the beginning of 
banging and grinding noises, especially on the lower gears.  And then 
besides all this, it overheats when the A/C is on (hopefully just a 
thermostat issue), it needs new tires, I'm told it needs an alignment, 
it leaks or burns oil at the rate of 2-3 quarts every 3,000 miles, and 
I'm beginning to think I may need a new battery.  But even with all 
this, the car seems at the moment to be drivable.  

That said:  I'm thinking I might be able to put $500-700 into the car 
and get everything taken care of except for the transmission.  But I 
fear the transmission is a whole different animal...wouldn't that be 
hundreds of dollars just for someone to look at it...?  So I'm wondering 
if I've finally reached the point where I need to junk the car.  Melinda 
leans in that direction...I guess I do also, but we're not in a 
position, quite honestly, to buy a used car, much less a new one.  It's 
a bit of a dilemma.  :-o  /Sandy/ 

The Rabinowitz Family, [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Spring Hill, Tennessee

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