I agree with Gramps.  Get a rebuilt transmission installed, if you think
that the rest of the car will last another 100,000.  The oil use could be
one of many things, some cheap, some not.  You could be (among other
    - leaking oil around the valve cover
    - leaking oil around the valve guides
    - leaking oil around the oil pump
    - leaking oil around the oil pan
    - leaking oil from the head gasket, into the water system
    - leaking oil around the rings

All of these are easy to check for.

Whatever you do, if you decide to fix the transmission, DON'T have someone
repair it.  Get a fixed price rebuilt transmission with a good guarantee
from a nationwide company.  We have two good places here in Raleigh for
engines and for transmissions, and I plan to make use of them when the time
comes (but at only 175K miles, I have a long time yet!  As they say, have
faith, my son.)


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> Sandy and Melinda Rabinowitz wrote:
> >I'm wondering if I've finally reached the point where I need to junk the
> >
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> Grampa Bill comments:
>     I'm reminded of the saying. "If you're so smart, why ain't you rich?
> And I ain't rich! Nevertheless, siince you asked, I'm also reminded of
> something I once read about cars... Divide the car into three
> assemblies, the engine, the drive train, and the body. As long as two
> out of those three are good-to-go, then just fix up the other one. When
> it gets where two or all three are bad, dump it!
>     Sounded like pretty good advice.
> Love y'all
> Grampa Bill in Savannah
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