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> Subject: [ZION] Gun Control Impossible in the USA
> All the talk of gun control is really quite besides the point.  The
> is, the government in the United States couldn't control the guns even
> it could pass the legislation.  They can't even control the drugs.
> country is completely out of control, and until there is widespread
> national repentance things will only get worse.  --JWR


What are the correlating factors between gun ownership and illegal drug
usage that lead you to make this comparison?  Are you suggesting that,
like drugs, gun ownership is an activity used to escape from the
harshness or boredom of everyday life that is so highly addictive that
people are willing to lose or risk everything to pursue it, and
therefore it cannot be controlled by lawful means? If that's not the
case, what is the correlation? Or are you saying that laws can't control
anything because they can't control drugs? Or are you just trolling to
try to revive the always popular and divisive gun control thread?


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