> Not only that, but according to Christ, almsgiving is to be done
> anonymously.  Mother Theresa was FAMOUS for her unselfishness.  Just how
> unselfish can giving be when it brings that kind of fame?  --JWR

Two points:

1)To my knowledge, Mother Thereas did not publicize her good deeeds, her
life-long work with the poor.

2. To my knowledge, the Church does publicize its donations to worth
causes around the world.

Given that, John, S'plain your comments above.  Be sure to cc me on the
message (Reply to all) if you're seeking further comment from me on the
subject as I'm reading only at the website from time to time.

Inasmuch as Mother Theresa was an effective fund raiser for her work among the poor, I'm sure she did publicize her good deeds. And I don't always approve of everything the Church does. I just don't complain about it because I'm sure that either 1) I'll find out where I was mistaken or 2) the Lord will inspire his prophets to make changes.

The truth is, Ron, I don't know that much about Mother Theresa. There are a lot of good people outside of the Church. Perhaps she was one of them. I'm still convinced that the best people are inside the Church. I have to believe that or discount the need for the gospel in the world.

"While we cannot agree with others on certain matters, we
must never be disagreeable. We must be friendly,
soft-spoken, neighborly, and understanding." (President
Gordon B. Hinckley, October 2003)
All my opinions are tentative pending further data. --JWR

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