> The truth is, Ron, I don't know that much about Mother Theresa.  There
> a lot of good people outside of the Church.  Perhaps she was one of
> them.  I'm still convinced that the best people are inside the Church.
> have to believe that or discount the need for the gospel in the world.
> John W. Redelfs                       [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I'm not so sure the best people are inside the Church.  I know the
people in the Church who are earnestly striving to keep their covenants
are much the better for it and that those outside the Church would be
better off with the ordinances and teachings of the Church. We can only
be perfected through the ordinances and repentance, so our potential is
much higher than it is for those who don't have the Church. But whether
enough of us meet that potential... I don't know. I'm often in great
admiration of the good character and clean living of many people totally
outside the Church. These wonderful honorable (adjective chosen
carefully) people of the earth do it without the Holy Ghost, without the
teachings, and without the encouragement that comes with understanding
the doctrines. Many, I'm sure, have not had an adequate opportunity to
accept or reject the gospel.

Have you ever read Corrie Ten Boom's book "The Hiding Place". What a
tale of wonderful Christian people. Would that any of us could live as
well as Corrie, her sister or her father. I've always thought well of
Mother Teresa as well and don't understand the need some people have to
throw mud at her. Of course if I have a vested interest in promoting
birth control in third world countries I might see her as a threat. Of
course there are detractors for Joseph Smith, Gordon B. Hinckley and
even Jesus Christ had some strong enemies.


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