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I think that was your first mistake--putting your faith and trust in a cornbinder <grin>. The absolutely worst truck I ever drove (It belonged to my dad, and he owned several trucks for his business) was a 1971 IH pickup. Gutless, always breaking down, miserable on gas mileage.

I had a 1968 Cornbinder once. It was a 1 ton, 4 door, with 2 full seats. We used it to haul wood out of the woods. We called it "The Beast" He just loved to guzzle petrol. The springs would rock and roll (it was loaded to the gills, at least 5-6 ft high, with green wood) as it wallowed through the forest. The tires would squish and moan as it lurched along at an idle in "grandma". Was quite an experience for the kids.

Also had a 1971 Scout. He was named "Old Man Rust" Left rear quarter panel fell off on the road one evening and was dragging by the tail light wires. Caught fire once when I was out and about, but we just replaced the melted parts and we were good to go next day or two. He also loved to guzzle his petrol.

While we're at it, we've had some jeeps, too. Had a 1946 CJ2 that I used in the woods for a while. Just sold the hulk a couple weeks ago. Also had a 1978 CJ5 that I drove as my primary vehicle for several years. Hate to say how many times I froze my toes in that puppy. It had a 360cu in engine. It was an awesome machine, for an old rustbucket with a raggedy rag top.

Ah, the things memories are made of.


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