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> At 10:58 PM 11/12/2003 -0700, Sir Lew wrote:
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> >>Once Satan is loosed, he will gather an army from amongst those still
> >>living upon the earth. However, it will not be anywhere near the numbers
> >>he has already taken with him.  In a world populated with 10 billion
> >>people, I would imagine his army would be in the millions at most.
> >
> > From my understanding and as Brother McConkie indicates "This
> final great
> > battle, in which evil spirits, mortal men, and resurrected
> personages all
> > participate, will be the end of war as far as this earth is
> > concerned"    I believe that the final battle includes these
> evil spirits
> > or in other words the 1/3 of the host of heaven that was kicked
> out with
> > Satan.  If this is the case it surely would be more than millions.
> Wow, what a huge rumble!  Get's the old Celtic/Norse blood riling just to
> think about it.

Cool your fighting blood and freshen your synapses, Till.  If Brother
McConkie is right this will obviously be a war of words -- of good
thinking/doing prevailing over evil.  Otherwise, s'plain to me how one would
go about slaying the a spirit, or one of the Three Nephites, for instance.


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