Cousin Bill wrote:
Does anyone here even know that the World Cup volleyball tournament is being held? Here in Japan it's hard to find much else on TV right now. Seems quite silly. I mean, it isn't like we're talking about a real sport like football (the real kind, not that whimpy game more correctly known as soccer) or baseball.

I don't feel the way you do about football, soccer and baseball. Professional football in this country cannot be played by ordinary people. They have to be giants. It is the same way with basketball: the best players are virtually freaks. But normal sized people can play soccer.

As for baseball, well... when my kids all got stuck out in right field while the coaches kid got to be pitcher I learned that baseball, softball actually, wasn't much of a sport except for a favored few. When I put my kids in soccer they all got to play their guts out every minute that they were in good enough shape to play.

Soccer rules!

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