On Sun, 9 Nov 2003 13:33:16 -0500 Gerald Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> I look forward to meeting those in the Indiana/Midwest area.  What 
> I
> would love, is for us to plan a Nauvoo reunion get-together next 
> summer.
> Meet on a Saturday, go to a session, then dinner/lunch, and walk 
> around
> the sites.  Who's interested?  I'm going to be pushing this from 
> now
> until we organize something.

Count me in.  May I suggest the Nauvoo State Park as a gathering place
(if they get the showers opened) for those wanting to stay the night (or
two).   Camping is fun and, for me, cheap.  My sons and I stayed there
this past summer and it's right in Nauvoo.  The summer prior we stayed
someplace else, farther away.  It's not too far (a couple hours?) from
Dyersville, Iowa, where the movie _Field of Dreams_ was filmed.  That's a
really neat site.  Basically untouched since the movie.

Anyway, picture a campfire, with s'mores, great conversation and
Zionisti, on the banks of the Ole Mississippi, at sunset.  It's


> All of you are welcome to use my home as a central pad for visiting 
> the
> Church sites (or other visits). We're 5-6 hours from Nauvoo and 
> Kirtland,
> and 8 hours from Independence Mo and Palmyra.
> K'aya K'ama,
> Gerald (Gary) Smith     
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> http://www.geocities.com/rameumptom/index.html         LDS 
> Evidences,
> Family History, Food Storage, etc.
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