> network of stringers in virtually every berg in the world.

Enjoying the mental picture of CNN correspondents huddled, shivering, on 
various icebergs floating around the north Atlantic...

A visiting Asian* seated himself on an airplane next to the window, and 
was shortly joined by a man wearing a yarmukle.  This second man kept 
glancing over at the first with an unmistakeably hostile air.  Finally, 
after they had taken off, the man with the yarmukle turned to the Asian 
and said, "I just want you to know that I will never forgive what you 
Chinese did to us at Pearl Harbor."  Stunned, the Asian sat in silence 
for a few moments, then finally said, "It wasn't the Chinese that 
attacked Pearl Harbor; it was the Japanese.  In any case, I'm neither 
Chinese nor Japanese.  I'm Korean."  The other man replied, "Chinese, 
Japanese, Korean, what's the difference?", and turned smugly away.

They sat in silence for a few more minutes, whereupon the Asian said to 
his seatmate, "I just want you to know that I will never forgive what 
you Pennsylvania Dutch Jews did to the Titanic."  The Jewish man looked 
askance at the Asian and said, "Don't be an idiot.  The Pennsylvania 
Dutch aren't Jews, and in any case, it was an iceberg that sank the 
Titanic."  The Asian replied, "Goldberg, Pittsburg, iceberg, what's the 


*I learned a short while ago that the term "Oriental" is now considered 
offensive, unless you're talking about restaurants ("Oriental food" is 
still acceptable, at least for the time being).  The preferred term is 
"Asian", which seems rather vague to me -- are we talking about Arabs, 
or Slavs, or Jews, or...?

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