Stephen Beecroft wrote:
Orson Scott Card, LDS writer of fiction/science fiction/fantasy, has 
complained that most present-day authors eschew developing the character 
of "good guys" because, as they claim, bad guys are "more interesting".

Yet Card is not above using the same tactics as other writers.  I was 
terribly disappointed with _Saints_.  In the story Card apparently found 
an interest in exploring the sexuality of Joseph Smith and one of his 
plural wives.  Perhaps I'm prudish, but I thought this was speculation 
on matters that are best left open.

That said, I have to admit that some of the other more liberal LDS 
writers that have ventured into this territory were certainly less 
sensitive than Card's treatment of the issues.  As far as I know, 
opening this topic for discussion, particularly under the heading of 
"New Mormon History," qualifies singularly as a preoccupation for 

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