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>Dear Zionistas
>this article, while supplying no really new
>information, certainly confirms
>my previous suspicions regarding the printed media in
>our country.  while
>this does not necessarily indicate a media conspiracy,
>I would say it
>indicates they at least think alike on this particular topic.
>        <http://www.ldsmag.com/ideas/040301press.html>
>Last week two long-anticipated studies were released on
>the sexual abuse
>scandal that has plagued the Catholic Church, and it is
>hard to believe
>that the reporters from the New York Times, the Los
>Angeles Times, the
>Washington Post, and the Washington Times were at the same press
>conference, because they certainly didnít get the same story.
>By Maurine Jensen Proctor


Thanks for the heads-up on the story.  A somewhat different
perspective is embodied in the letter below, which I have sent to
Sister Proctor.


Maureen Jensen Proctor's misbegotten diatribe (What The Press
Won't Say) against the alleged "liberal and politically correct"
news media extends the ignoble tradition of shooting the

She asserts that The New York Times' and Washington Post's
coverage of the release last week of the report of pedophile
priests in the Catholic Church is illustrative of a general
hidden media agenda to downplay or ignore the fact that the
homosexuality of priests may be linked to the devastating and
chronic abuse of children that has plagued the Catholic Church
for the past half century.

Had Sister Proctor  been following this matter from its inception
two years ago, she would know that it was the so called "liberal"
news media that dug up and put together the detailed  history of
those sordid crimes.  She would have known that the homosexual
connection has been raised regularly by  "politically correct"
news media on the East Coast, led by the Boston Globe (owned by
the New York Times) and its sister newspaper in Manhattan.

Further, had Sister Proctor done a little research, she would
know that Robert S. Bennett, the celebrated Washington lawyer who
directed the National Review Board's preparation of the report,
said that neither homosexual priests nor celibacy were root
causes of the clergy sexual abuse crisis. But "an understanding
of the crisis is not possible without reference to these issues."

Such was reported on the front page of The Boston Globe.   The
lead paragraph in the Globe story reveals that the report  is
"raising questions about what role homosexuality played in the
crisis and whether the Catholic Church will try to limit or
prevent gay men from joining the priesthood." The deck headline
above the story, as well as the opening sentence of the story
underscore a possible homosexual connection. The headline read:
"More than 80 percent of victims since 1950 were male, report

Moreover Sister Proctor ignores (conveniently?) Mr. Bennett's
comments (as reported by The Globe on the front page) that there
were two "overarching contributing factors  to why so many
priests abused minors: Dioceses and orders did not screen
candidates for the priesthood properly, allowing many sexually
**dysfunctional** and **immature** men into seminaries; and
seminaries did not adequately prepare students for the
priesthood, particularly for the challenge of remaining

The news media is properly sensitive to the peculiar issues of
any number of minority groups in the United States -- Mormons

These are touchy times. What we need is more thoughtful and
thorough reporting on the complex issues confronting our nation.
What we don't need are more convenient bogeymen to blame for our
problems.  What we desperately need are more reporters who
reign-in their personal agendas, do their homework and get their
facts straight. I expect nothing less from a fellow Pratt
descendant, especially one trained at the University of Utah and

Ronald B. Scott
Boston, Massachusetts

Mr. Scott, a media consultant and author in Boston,  was a
reporter for Time, an editor for Life and a founder of People
Magazine. He also was also a senior editor and columnist for The
Deseret News and a reporter for The Salt Lake Tribune and United
Press International.

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