I'm working on chapter three, and I need some help. I'm compiling a list of all of the possible positive and negative things kids of the sixties would would have had to measure and consider when choosing whether or not (or how much) to abandon US culture...especially in light of the Vietnam War.

                Adhering to US  Abandoning US
                Culture         Culture
Positives       Acceptance of           Life
                  Parents               Sex
                "Honor"               Drugs
                                        Acceptance of
Negatives       Possible Death  Disapproval of
                Terror                  Parents
                Possible Physical

The words "Honor" and "Freedom" are both quoted, because both were perceived at the time in ways that might not adhere to current definitions.

The "honor" that a person who had not yet entered the Vietnam war might have received was very different than the "honor" that a veteran from WWII had received. WWII was widely accepted as an honorable war; a war in which a person could be proud to have served. The Vietnam war though was not widely accepted thus making the possible value of the honor of serving in it much less.

The "freedom" that a person would have received from being a member of the countercultural movement would have felt like true freedom from the beginning for a short time, until the consequences of unwise decisions began to build up thereby reducing their freedom. The important aspect of it though, is that it "felt" like true freedom to begin with and was much more enticing than the lukewarm "honor" that was available even though the end result of this "freedom" was much less than actual freedom.
Jonathan Scott
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