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Steven Montgomery wrote:
According to Newsmax and unnamed "published reports," at least 34 U.S. Senators would vote no on the Marriage Amendment:

What stand a better chance is to limit the jurisdiction of Federal Courts--something that only takes a simple majority, rather than a 2/3 majority of both House and Senate and then 3/4 of the States.

I continue to feel that we should do both: pass a federal marriage amendment if we can, and pass legislation limiting the jurisdiction of the Federal Courts. I don't think we should assume up front that an amendment is politically impossible. And we should remember that what can be done with a simple majority can be undone with a simple majority. If an amendment would be harder to pass, it would also be much harder to repeal.


True enough. I'm still not entirely convinced however.

Steven Montgomery

Moral Anarchy is the seedbed of Tyranny--R. W. (Bob) Lee

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