Yesterday, I given reasons to rejoice. They are:

(1) I saw the first daffodils of the year...spring (and my seasonal sinus problems) can't be too far off!

(2) ...and this is the MOST important: My sister (the one in Boston) and her boyfriend have announced plans to marry in August in the Washington DC Temple. If that isn't happy news, I don't know what is. This is the sister who, a few years ago, turned down a marriage proposal from a young man who could not take her to the temple. That took courage, in my opinion. It is the best thing - but not the easiest - to remain single rather than to marry outside the temple. She had faith that she would eventually find someone who could take her to the temple. Her fiance is someone she has known since the both of them were 12 years old, and his family was in another ward in our stake (I knew some of his older siblings). They were friends at BYU and ran in the same circle of friends, and things turned romantic in the last year and a half or so for them. It's been a long distance romance - her in Boston, him in SLC - and I'm not sure yet that they've worked out who will move where, but, as I told her recently, you find the right person, marry in the right place and the other stuff will just work out.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my excitement! Gotta run!

Heidi the fair


Coll. My congrats. -- Jonathan Scott

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