The sad thing is, she was offered a deal wherein she wouldn't have to do 
jail time, but her lawyer talked her out of it. I'm hearing she'll get 
about 18 months. And, of course her company will tank.

Tom Matkin wrote:
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> >>You mean, sort of like the OJ trial?
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> >>Ron
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> >>
> >
> >Which trial?
> >
> >Tom
> The criminal trial
> Can't compare that with Martha's trial.  Most of us saw almost every
> minute of it, sometimes several times. True we had endless "spin"
> commentaries trying to sort it out for us, but we saw the evidence.  I
> also believe that the jury practiced "jury nullification". In effect,
> they knew full well that OJ was guilty, but they chose to nullify the
> prosecution for other reasons. Either they accepted the "race card" as a
> trump to the actual evidence, or they nullified because they believed
> the LAPD was unworthy of the conviction. Probably a combination of those
> two reasons. How do you compare the OJ trial with Martha's trial?  It
> seems to me that Martha had no defense and therefore put up no defense.
> She relied on her reputation and a parade of celebrity supporters
> sitting behind her in the courtroom to influence the jury.  The jury
> didn't buy it.  It is also my understanding that had she admitted doing
> what she obviously did - dumping shares on an inside tip - she could
> have taken the high road by admitting her hasty ill advised action and
> been fined and gone on with her life.  Instead she falsified her
> records, lied to the investigators, and asked others to lie for her, the
> latter being the most despicable of things. Of course, I have to state
> my prejudice here.  I feel like her whole "branding" thing is big lie.
> She comes off as this great expert that knows everything and about
> everything and that can manipulate anything into anything.  She came to
> believe her own fabrication and it rose up and bit her - in the end - so
> to speak.
> Tom

Gerald (Gary) Smith

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