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>>I guess I'm confused as to what you intend to do with
>the pieces
>>you're writing? Do you imagine this as something you'd like to
>>get published? Are you writing a thesis of some kind? Are you
>>writing for your own purposes only?
>>For instance, you claim the rising divorce rate is the
>result of
>>women entering the job market, becoming self-sufficient
>>economically.  Yet, you present no evidence (other
>than opinions)
>>to bolster your argument.  If you want to convince
>someone you've
>>got to provide good backup data from objective sources.
>       I listed sources.  My opinion was one paragraph.
> My sources
>took up the remainder of it.

You didn't describe your purpose.  While your footnotes may
support what you claim -- as I recall you provide a bibliography,
not traditional footnotes -- it requires the reader to assume
you've interpreted the source material correctly and that the
source material supports what you say.  I think it's wiser, more
compelling, to provide a summary quote or two with an appropriate


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