Redefining things is exactly what this problem does not need.  We have 
arrived at the present situation because a very few vocal malcontents 
decided that definitions that successfuly accomodated the cultural 
interests of the civil majority for the past ten centuries now suddenly 
don't cater to their particular tastes, and therefore must be discarded.

Blackstone's Commentaries effectively outlines the philosophy and basis 
for English common law from seventeenth and eighteenth century England, 
which also served as the foundational basis for establishing eighteenth 
century colonial laws in the US.  Where we have departed from this 
historic common-sense approach in response to demands of a few vocal 
dissidents, the application of sound legal principles has suffered.  But 
it seems things have never been so badly off the track as they are now.

We now have many situations where the purported legal "right" to moral 
depravity overrules decency and common sense.  The inmates have truly 
taken over the asylum.  The solution is to restore and respect the 
traditional definitions that have served the interests of the majority 
for hundreds of years, not to invent new ones that attempt to serve the 
demands of a miserable few.  This will always be a futile pursuit.  In 
the case of those who wish to engage in homosexual behavior, it is 
obvious that being "married" will never grant them what they crave.  As 
Alma asserts, "wickedness never was happiness".

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