Recent reporting in JAMA turns science into a politically correct blunt 
instrument.  Echoed in the news reports, it reads something like 
"Obesity is an epidemic, we're eating ourselves to death".  Reportedly, 
being too fat is now the number two cause of death in the US, trailing 
only "tobacco".

In fact, the JAMA study returns something similar to the directed 
surveys conducted by self-interested commercial groups in order to 
promote their doctrine.  It is difficult for me to discern exactly what 
the medical establishment hopes to accomplish here, but the smell of 
cooked results is too strong to avoid.

The findings of the survey were arrived at by polling "cause of death" 
reports.  Anything remotely related to various politically correct 
categories is lumped together.  Thus, "heart disease" is magically 
transformed into all others that result from "poor diet and exercise" as 
a cause of death.  Everything in this category is automatically deemed 
to be associated with obesity or sedentary lifestyle, thus returning the 
desired "epidemic".

While this is poor science and poor journalism, perhaps it is better to 
lie about the survey in order to scare a few fat folks into following 
the AMA dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

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