GPS can be turned off, one way or another. Or, we can always choose 
older model cars without, and just keep them up. I mean, if they can 
drive 50+ year old cars in Havannah, I think we can manage with 5-10 
year old cars.


Grampa Bill in Savannah wrote:
> Gerald Smith wrote:
> >One thing I've come to believe is that personal access to transportation 
> >is as important to freedom as is the right to bear arms.
> >
> >It is much easier to track people on trains and planes than it is 
> >driving their cars across country.
> >  
> >
> =======================
> Grampa Bill comments:
>     Wait'll they make a GPS in every car mandatory! I understand that 
> they can already track any GM car with NorthStar installed.
> Love Y'all,
> Grampa Bill in Savannah
> With sufficient thrust, pigs fly just fine!

Gerald (Gary) Smith

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