So many posts with the same title confused either my isp or the giant gerbil
who sorts through e-mail before it's sent to its proper destination.  Either
way, I didn't receive the original post referenced below, so I'll answer it
in a third-party fashion by answering Jonathan's answer, sort of.

E.  Certainly not.  There is/are no longer a/any "United" States.  Disunity
is the order of the day.

"If ya thinks ya is right, ya deserfs credit - even if ya is wrong."  --Gus
Segar via Popeye
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> >Same-sex marriage will become legal in all or most of the United
> >States over the next five years.
> >
> >A. Certainly
> >B. Likely
> >C. Maybe
> >D. Unlikely
> >E. Certainly not
> B. Likely
> -- 
> Jonathan Scott

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