So, Tom, are you saying there is a link between playing the harmonica 
and being on death row?  Maybe we should continue teaching kids to play 
the recorder so we don't raise a generation of harmonica playing thugs!  

As for me, I sing tenor. I've sung in two temple dedication choirs, in 
fact.  I've tinkered with piano and guitar just a little bit, but not 
very good on either. I think anyone can play harmonica, since I've been 
known to play one in the past. Oh, and I love playing the recorder, 
which is probably the main thing that's kept me out of prison all these 

Gary Smith

Tom Matkin wrote:
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> > From: John W. Redelfs [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> > Sent: March 19, 2004 2:37 PM
> > Subject: [ZION] Musical Instruments Survey
> > 
> > How many of you play a musical instrument?  How well do you play?  I'm
> > curious about the musical makeup of the Zion list.
> > 
> > John W. Redelfs sings well, plays the piano fairly, and the violin
> poorly.
> > 
> I sing a bit. Bass in my quartet, and I sometimes have to handle the
> tenor when that guy doesn't show up but it's scary when I do.  I used to
> play the flute and even blew the saxophone a time or two in a dance band
> that I played with. I love to beat on my guitar, but I have peripheral
> neuropathy in my hands and arm and I can't do it for long or without
> suffering the consequences. I was never any good at it. I love the
> harmonica, straight and blues. I'm not good but that doesn't stop me and
> with the blues harp who really knows the difference? I think they should
> throw away all those recorders in schools and teach the harmonica.
> Doesn't the USA have about a million people in jail at any one time?
> They could all be enjoying themselves playing the harmonica if they had
> been taught in grade school. Do you ever hear anyone on death row
> playing the recorder?
> Tom

Gerald (Gary) Smith

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