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>RB Scott wrote:
>>I think you've got it right.  The old laws are off the
>books.  If
>>they become laws again, they ought to be enforced. What do I
>>think the penalty ought to be for Sabbath breaking?  Dunno. Let
>>me consult with my Jewish and SDA friends.  Seriously, I don't
>>recall Christ preaching "death" for any offense...well, murder
>>perhaps (but I don't recall it).
>According to official Mormon doctrine, Jesus Christ is
>the premortal
>Jehovah.  If that is the case, then we know that Jesus
>Christ preached
>death for quite a few offenses.  --JWR

I think too many get fixated and judging others, relishing
damning others to hell. What Christ taught was that it is our
responsibility to forgive all, to leave judgements to Him.  I
suspect when that great and dreadful day arrives, more than a few
of us will be very, very surpised.


So then, let's just open up all the prisons and jails, let everyone go--obviously its not our place to judge rapists, serial killers and the like. Wouldn't that make our society grand?

Steven Montgomery

"In democracy there are commonly tumults and disorders Therefore a pure democracy is generally a very bad government. It is often the most tyrannical government on earth."--Noah Webster

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