Hi Folks,

In case you haven't heard, the YZOA has brought in Rabbi Shalom Shwartz
(originally from Toronto, but living in Israel) who will be presenting the
recently finished film "Relentless" today at 6pm in the Jewish University
Centre (Hillel building).  This is supposed to be a great film with all
kinds of original footage.

Having spoken to Rabbi Shwartz today, he tells me that the movie will
provide you with all the knowledge and perspective you need to feel
confortable in speaking about and supporting Israel.

Rabbi Shwartz will also lead a discussion of the movie afterward, both for
the sake of the discussion, as well as to demonstrate how these
discussions can be lead and moderated.  We (YZOA) will likely show this
film at CMU and Pitt campuses at some later point and lead a similar
discussion afterward.

Come inform yourself, show your conviction, and improve your skills.  See
you at 6:00 at the Jewish University Centre (Hillel building).


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