Dear All,

As you may already know there will be a vigil commemorating the heroes of Columbia shuttle this Wednesday at noon near the fence. We need your help TODAY, however, with the following:

Distribution of flyers (10PM -- University Center) --
***For those who come first -- Kosher Pizza :) from Sari's in Squirrel Hill. ****

Need to distribute in CFA, Cyert, Wean, BH/PH, DH, Hunt, Newell-Simon, University Center. The flyers will be all ready, all we need are willing hands to put them up. Please gather together at 10PM tonight in University Center (UC -- large lounge on 1st floor). If you can, bring with you a staple gun, tape, and/or pins.

Painting the fence (not guarding)
Near the fence at 11PM-midnight. Please dress warmly. Brushes and paint will be provided.

Please respond, if you think you will be able to offer your help.



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