Please vote NO and pass along to any and all clear thinking human beings
who believe in justice. Thank you!

The survey is in the lower right corner!!


please forward this to others

CNN is at it again CNN will continue to do this until they get the answer
they want. Don't let that happen. CNN is currently taking another poll
regarding whether or not International monitors should be sent into

Please respond and vote NO.  Go to the URL below, then look for the poll
on the lower right hand of their site. As you probably know, international
monitors will favor the Palestinians, and the Israeli Government doesn't
believe there would be impartiality in such a monitoring team. (Jenin
"Massacre") There is a huge pro-Arab campaign asking everybody to vote
YES. The majority now is YES. Help us change the poll in Israel's favor!
IT'S VERY IMPORTANT! Forward to everyone you know ASAP! Use this link and
vote on the poll.

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