Hi Folks,

Many of your emailed me that you weren't able to make last Sunday's
meeting, soooo....there will be a general meeting next Wednesday, Feb.
19 from 4-5:30, in Rangos 2, which is on the second floor of the
University Center on CMU campus.

There will be pizza.

If you can't make it, please let me know via email ([EMAIL PROTECTED]).


p.s. We are coming up with a new scheme for communications.  This will
likely involve all messages for the day being posted to the web page, with
an automatic email sent out at the end of the day containing all of the
subject lines from that days emails.  You would then be able to check the
web page for those emails that interest you.  The other email list
(currently yzoa-general, but the name might change for technical reasons)
will still be used to convery time sensitive and administrative type

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