Hi Folks,

I've been trying to cut down on the email until we get the new system in
place, but this is relevant and immediate.  I urge all CMU people to email
or call John Hannon ([EMAIL PROTECTED], 412.268.8704) and to email
the Activities Board (AB) ([EMAIL PROTECTED]).  My email is below.  Feel
free to take from it.


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Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 12:43:12 -0500 (EST)
From: Jacques Katz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: John Loftus Talk

Dear John,

I believe we have met once or twice when I was presdient of the Graduate
Student Assembly.  Daniel Marcus suggested that you were the person to
contact after I spoke to him about a recent concern.  I had understood
that John Loftus will be coming to speak THIS Thursday at CMU.  He is a
well known speaker and is listed on the AB political lectures webpage.
As of 9:30 this morning however, I have not seen ANY kind of advertising
for the lecture ANYWHERE on campus.  Neither is the talk listed on the AB
homepage, though other events, including political speakers that are
taking place at LATER dates, ARE listed.

My understanding was that this lecture was in part supposed to provide a
perspective that balanced out that of Diana Buttu, the anti-Israeli former
Palestinian legal advisor (who was also brought in by AB, and was
extensively advertised all over campus with large 11x17 posters well
before the talk itself).  Given this, I am concerned at the lack of any
kind of advertising whatsoever.

With the university closed today, this seems to me to leave very little
time for advertising.  It would be something of an embarassment to the
university to have such a big name speaker come, then have no one attend.

To add insult, I have just received the following response (bottom of this
email) to a query made to Matt Toups, the individual supposedly in charge
of organizing AB political speaker events.

Not only is this response insulting, it is also highly inappropriate.  If
those responsible cannot fulfil their duties without taunting and imposing
upon complete strangers, perhaps they should not be in a position in which
that level of maturity and responsibility is required.

Jacques Katz

Hi Jacques,

I'm glad to hear you're volunteering to help!

Let me know when we can meet and we get some of these
things done.

- matt

On Mon, 17 Feb 2003, Jacques Katz wrote:

> Dear AB,
> I noticed on you political speakers page that John Loftus will be coming
> to give a talk this Thursday.  I haven't seen any advertising anywhere
> on campus though, nor was his talk listed on your homepage.  Is this
> event going on?  Given the large name of the speaker and lack of
> advertising, I just wanted to double check that AB was doing this.  It
> seems like it might be an embarassment to have someone well known come
> and have no audience!
> Jacques


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