Hi Folks,

I thought I would pass this along to those of you at CMU.  It's not much
work, and may be a good way to get involved in media type stuff.  I'm told
that the work itself is not all that hard.  Email Lisa Ritter
([EMAIL PROTECTED]) if you are interested.



I wondered if you could recommend any graduate students who might want to
work for some extra money (and fame, of course), doing writing and general
project management work for the Graduate Times newsletter. This is to fill
one position. A doctoral student might be preferable to a master's
student, so we could have some continuity in the position.

The job would involve some interviewing, attending meetings and gathering
entries for the issue. Hours are flexible, but there will be some crunch
times right before each quarterly issue goes out (but there would be advance
notice of these times). This person would report to me, editor of the
Graduate Times.

Requirements would be good writing ability, ability to carry through
independently and project management experience.

I'm not sure of the pay scale, but this can be discussed. Title can also be
negotiated, depending on amount and type of work done by the person hired.

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