Due to numerous requests for 1-week programs, we are initiating a
special 1-week "international" gas mask program for March 9-13, 2003.
After that, we will try to have 1-week international programs once a
month, beginning the first Sunday of each month. English will be the
"common" language.

Please notify all your prospective volunteers of this program. They
must be in the country, ready to begin on Sunday morning at 8AM. We
will meet in the Arrivals Hall at the airport.
We are very excited about this new program and we hope it will satisfy
the needs of your volunteers who want to be here but cannot take off two
or three weeks from work. Because this is a short program, there will
not be a "day trip" during the week. We know that some people will want
to join a group at the last minute, so it is important for us to have
all the information (name, passport #, age, Jewish/non-Jewish, m/f,
flight information [even though they will be arriving early]) as early
as possible. The registration fee and application papers will be the
same as for regular programs. If you are an Associate recruiting
volunteers for this program, we will collect their fee here in Israel
($80 cash).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. For now,
let's try to get people to join the March 9 group!

Pamela Lazarus, Program Coordinator
(+972) 58-219-945 (cell)
(In Israel) 058-219-945 (cell)
(+972) 3-681-7442 (office)
(+972) 3-681-9098 (fax)
Please visit: www.sar-el.org

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