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                  College peace protest turns violent
                  Anti-war demonstrators allegedly attack
                  Jewish students

                  Posted: March 7, 2003  1:00 a.m. Eastern

                   2003 WorldNetDaily.com

                  A college protest against a U.S.-led war in Iraq
                  turned violent when students with an
                  American flag were attacked and two Jewish
                  students were harassed by anti-war
                  demonstrators, reports the National Post.

                  According to the report, Miriam Levin, who is
                  Jewish, was intimidated and roughed up by
                  protesters when she tried to drive onto the
                  campus of York University in Toronto. The
                  protesters were picketing entrances to the
                  campus and blocking traffic on Wednesday

                  "I told the guy, 'Making me 20 minutes late for
                  class isn't helping the people in Iraq,' and then
                  he started calling me a terrorist and an
                  occupier," Levin told the Post.

                  She said she could not understand why the
                  man was shouting anti-Semitic remarks at her
                  until her friend, Hannah Wortsman, saw that
                  she was wearing earrings with a Star of David

                  According to Cim Nunn, spokesman for the
                  university, protesters had agreed not to block
                  traffic. York has as many as 35,000 cars passing
                  through its property every day, he said.

                  Three protesters were arrested but released
                  without being charged. A group of protesters
                  then attempted to occupy the university
                  president's office, according to the report.

                  Levin said she and Wortsman also were
                  heading to the president's office to file a
                  complaint when protesters again confronted
                  her. Wortsman said student demonstrators
                  surrounded them. "The floor was completely
                  full of protesters, who weren't letting us go
                  anywhere," she said.

                  Levin pulled out her camera to take photos of
                  the scene and the group tried to take it away
                  from her, she said, adding a security guard did
                  nothing when she and Wortsman called for

                  "I asked why he didn't do anything and he
                  said, 'Well you shouldn't have been there,'"
                  Levin said.

                  It was only after she called 911 that she and her
                  friend were able to escape.

                  She said she would be pressing charges against
                  one woman who allegedly assaulted her.

                  Later, the protesters entered classes for a few
                  minutes to talk to students, said Joel Duff of
                  the Canadian Federation of Students told the

                  It was when the line passed a booth set up by
                  the Young Zionist Partnership and the
                  Canadian Alliance that a confrontation
                  occurred. Students who ran the booth claim
                  protesters shouted insults before charging

                  "Hundreds of people basically swarmed three
                  people," said Paul Cooper, president of the
                  Zionist group. He said only a few people were
                  confrontational, but everyone else "watched
                  and did nothing to stop it."

                  Duff said his group did not instigate the
                  incident, saying it began with name-calling
                  from the booth. "We attempted to keep
                  moving. Our message was we shouldn't be
                  distracted, but the goal of those people who set
                  up the booth was to disrupt and distract us

                  Another Jewish student claims protesters
                  singled him out because of his faith.

                  Said Yaakou Rath, campus president of the
                  Canadian Alliance: "They chose to attack me,
                  and I'm identifiably Jewish, but they didn't
                  attack Paul [Cooper], who's not, and that's

                  He said the group also stole the booth's U.S.
                  flag and tried to set it on fire.

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