Safire: French Aiding Saddam

New York Times columnist William Safire reveals that the
French have been secretly aiding Iraq in its arms
production of long-range missiles -- missiles that may be
used to hit U.S. troops with biological and chemical

Saddam Hussein went to France, by way of China and Syria,
and got the parts for his long-range ballistic missiles.

No, not the ridiculous "Al Samoud" missiles, whose name
sounds like a bad Americanization of a Muslim one ("Do you
know Al? Al Samoud?").

We're talking about the missiles to which Saddam himself
alluded when he said that destruction of the Al Samoud 2s
was not of consequence. He said that Iraq had other ways
to protect itself.

Indeed it does.

William Safire, writing in today's NY Times, tells us that
Qilu Chemicals, a leading manufacturer of a clear liquid
rubber named hydroxy terminated polybutadiene, known in
the advanced-rocket industry as HTPB, sold the substance
to a French middleman, CIS Paris, which Safire describes
as "a Parisian broker that is active in dealings of many
kinds with Baghdad."

Safire writes that the CIS director "is familiar with the
order but denies being the agent," so we know the order
took place.

But the U.N., which France is trying to use as a leash on
the U.S., has to specifically approve such a transaction
with Iraq.

Well, France and Iraq can't be bothered with that, so they
had the shipment sent from China to Syria, which has been
said to be hiding Saddam's weapons, to be received by yet
another company that acts for the Iraqi missile industry.

The rocket fuel was then simply trucked across the very
long border Syria shares with Iraq, and no one was the

Until now.

Safire continued:

I'm also told that a contract was signed last April in
Paris for five tons of 99% unsymmetric dimethylhydrazine,
another advanced missile fuel, which is produced by
France's Société Nationale des Poudre et Explosifs.

"In addition, Iraqi attempts to buy an oxidizer for solid
propellant missiles, ammonium perchlorate, were
successful, at least on paper. Both chemicals, like HTPB,
require explicit approval by the U.N. Sanctions Committee
before they can be sold to Iraq.

Which they were not.

Safire suggests that perhaps the U.N. inspectors, under
whose "watchful eyes" all this has occurred, look at
Iraq's El Sirat trading company and its affiliate, the
Gudia Bureau, with respect to these dealings.

But they won't.

Hans Blix was put into power by the very nations that now
oppose the U.S. at the U.N., and he is not about to bite
the hand that feeds him.

Meanwhile, France is actively arming Saddam and apparently
trying to create a situation where Saddam will have the
ability to pile up U.S. and British bodybags should we

Just why is France on the Security Council? The only
country to which it provides security is apparently Iraq.

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