"Israeli Settlements: Implications for Peace"

When: Wednesday, Mar. 19th. At 8.00 P.M
Where:      Room 1K56, Posvar Hall, University of Pittsburgh

This is sponsored by the Middle East Forum of Pittsburgh and the Thomas
Merton Center.

If you have any confusion about the Middle East Forum being a "non-biased
organization for peace" simply because it consists of both Jews and Arabs,
I suggest you check out the films they show to "promote peace", such as
"Jenin Jenin" and "Checkpoint."

"The US Going Into Iraq:  What France and Germany Have to Say"

Wed, March 19, 4:30-6:00, Giant Eagle Auditorium, BHA51, CMU

CMU Profs, Panel discussion, IRAQ

Kiron Skinner
Donna Harsch
Michael West
Steve Brockmann
Dan Resnick

Refreshments will be served.

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