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I encourage you to sign the petitiion on their website, and to send a
letter to Bo Jones ([EMAIL PROTECTED]), the publisher of the Washington

I have included the text from a sample letter that I will be sending at
the very bottom of the email.  As always, if you use it, don't forget to
sign your name.



Do you care about accuracy in reporting on the Mideast?  If so, we need
your help.

Reporting in the Washington Post has long been overtly biased against
Israel. This is evident in the imbalance in space, headlines and photos
devoted to Palestinian "suffering," harsh words and phrases applied to
Israeli actions, suppression of events favorable to Israel, over-reliance
on Palestinian reports that often are false, words implying doubt about
Israeli statements, etc.  See our document titled "110 Examples" at

The result is that readers of The Post receive a false - even inverted -
picture of what's happening.  And remember, readers of The Washington Post
include most members of Congress and officials in the U.S. State
Department.  We should also note that media bias has been cited as a cause
of a recent increase in anti-Semitism among young Americans (Richard Morin
in Outlook, Washington Post, 1/19/03).

The Post's policy was shown clearly in a 1/3/03 editorial ("A Brutal
Routine"... copy available upon request) that was called "one of the most
outrageous examples of blatant bias I have ever seen" by a web site
(www.littlegreenfootballs.com/weblog) that, ironically, was listed that
same day in a Post column, "Readers' Favorite Weblogs".  While this
editorial is an expression of The Post's opinion, rather than news
reporting per se, it illustrates the biased, anti-Israel attitude of those
who oversee the news.

On Oct. 24, 2002, members of EyeOnThePost.Org met with the Publisher of the
Washington Post, Bo Jones, and foreign editor David Hoffman.  During this
meeting, Mr. Jones asked, "If there is a real problem, why hasn't there
been more of an outcry?"  Perhaps it is because the community has grown
accustomed to The Post's inaccurate and unfair reporting, and many feel
it's hopeless to complain.  But we don't think it's hopeless.  Let's give
him his OUTCRY. "LET BO KNOW!!"

Our campaign consists of:
    * Petition calling on Mr. Jones to make his paper tell the truth and
report fairly about Israel
    * Email/letter writing
    * Public forums with guest speakers
    * Rally at The Washington Post with presentation of our petition
Here's what you can do now to help LET BO KNOW!!:

1. SIGN OUR PETITION, either online at http://www.eyeonthepost.org/petition
or at local synagogues.  This will take only a few minutes.

2. WRITE to Mr. Bo Jones, Publisher, The Washington Post, 1150 15th St. NW,
Washington, DC, 20071 (email: [EMAIL PROTECTED]).

CC: Donald Graham, Chairman, same address (email: [EMAIL PROTECTED]).

Please CC [EMAIL PROTECTED] with your letters (for data tabulation
purposes only)

Even if you say only "Tell the truth about Israel," it will help.

3. PASS THIS MESSAGE ON.  Please forward this request by email to as many
people as you can. The Post's readership and influence is worldwide, so
location shouldn't be a concern. Every person who writes or signs will be
counted.  If you know people of prominence - rabbis, organization leaders,
etc. - ask them to help.  Post it on any appropriate email
listserves.  Let's get the word out and deluge Bo Jones with thousands of
signatures on our petition and with thousands of emails and letters.  Let
him hear our "outcry".

Subject: Stop the anti-Israel bias

Dear Mr. Jones,

I write you to express a strong dissatisfaction with the anti-Israel bias
evidenced in the reporting of the Washington Post.  A review of Washington
post publications over the past year yields clear and overwhelming
examples of this bias: from the use of misleading and biased terminology
to the citing of unreliable sources, to selective ommissions.

Lest you think that such irresponsible journalism has no consequences, I
should point out that it is exactly the above approach that has been
explicitly espoused by Arab leaders.  This approach is used as a new
"weapon," devised after the failure of military attacks, and is aimed at
isolating Israel internationally by "...[replacing] the image of Israel as
a weak nation surrounded by enemies by the image of an aggressive nation
challenging world opinion" (prominent Arab Palestinian strategist and
former head of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Al-Haytham Al-Ayubi in "Future Arab Strategy in Light of the Fourth War";
Shuun Filastiniyya (Beirut), October 1974).  I suspect that aiding such a
strategy is not the Washinton post's goal.

The reporting in the Washington Post then, appears to be either uninformed
by world history, or biased, both of which consititute poor journalism.
Fortunately, this is not an irreversible state of affairs.  I hope that in
the future, fairer reporting and journalistic standards will dominate in
the Washington Post's coverage of Israel.  I would, if at all possible,
appreciate being informed as to any steps made in this regard.

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