As Jews are being attacked on the streets, a United Nations Human Rights
Commission Report on contemporary forms of racism released yesterday
ignored the resurgence of antisemitism even as new violent antisemitic
attacks were taking place in Paris, Berlin and Sydney.

"The consistent failure of the United Nations, dominated by more than 60
Moslem countries determined to block any discussion on antisemitism, only
encourages further attacks against Jews," said Rabbi Marvin Hier, the
Center's dean and founder. "By continuously minimizing the resurgence of
antisemitism, the United Nations has unfortunately become part of the
problem and not the solution. In this official report on racism the UN's
Special Rapporteur devoted 57 paragraphs to the impact of 9/11 on Moslems
and Arabs while only managing to report in one lone paragraph that Israel
and Jewish NGO's were concerned about an Egyptian miniseries that they
said was antisemitic," he added.

While the report was being discussed in Geneva, new antisemitic attacks
blaming Jews for the war in Iraq occurred in Berlin, Paris and Sydney,

In a related development, Dr. Shimon Samuels who is representing the Simon
Wiesenthal Center at the UN Human Rights meeting has demanded that the
racism report be tabled until such time that a full section delineating
the resurgence of antisemitism worldwide be included in the text.


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