This is our first big event (organized mostly through Polina's heroic


What: "Eyewitnesses" speaker series
When: April 7th - April 10th
Where: CMU Campus and Hillel/JUC
Presented By:  YZOA in partnership with UJF, Hillel, and Chabad House

The news relates to us the stories as "catastrophes" and "tragedies",
"battles" and "casualties". This series of lectures brings to you the
direct participants.  Hear from those who were there.  See what happened
through their eyes:

What happened in Jenin?
How did a violent riot evolve at Concordia University?
What is it like to lose a family member to a terrorist attack?
What is it like to be a Survivor of the Shoah (Nazi Holocaust)?

Come find the answers.

Schedule of events:

MONDAY, APRIL 7th  (6-8pm - Hillel/JUC)

- Patrick Amar (Concordia University student activist).
- Julie Sager (representative of National Zionist Organization of America)
- See a videotape of the Concordia riot

TUESDAY, APRIL 8th  (6-8pm - CMU/Doherty Hall 2315)

- Family of Binyamin Blotstein, 24, lost to the terrorist bombing at Hebrew
- Shoah (Nazi Holocaust) survivor (TBA)

WEDNESDAY, APRIIL 9th  (6-8pm - CMU/Doherty Hall 2315)

- Saul Kramer, IDF soldier (participated in Jenin operation)

THURSDAY, APRIIL 10th  (6-7pm - CMU/Doherty Hall 2315)

- Film: "Relentless"

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