Hi Folks,

There has been an incident at Carleton University.  I have attached
information on the incident below.  Below that, I have included an email I
sent to the Presidetn, Provost, and Dean of Students.  I encourage you to
write to them.  Feel free to use any parts of my letter.
The emails should be sent to:

 Leonard_Librande, Dean of Students,
 Stuart_Adam, Provost
 Richard_VanLoon, President.

In all cases, the e-mail consits of their name followed by @carleton.ca

A copy of all letters sent should also be blind carbon copied (or sent
separately) to Aviva Freedman ([EMAIL PROTECTED]).


> From: Aviva_Freedman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2003 16:20:29 -0500
> I just received a phonecall from Ann Silverstone of JSU Hillel.
> 1. Apparently, that e-mail from the SPHR Executive was actually read aloud
> to the Senate by Marcel Prudhomme.
> 2.  SPHR was, in fact, allowed to put on its display -- of coffins &
> graveyards, and checkpoints at Carleton on Thursday March 27.
> 3.  Some Jewish students were alerted to this and came to Baker's Lounge
> with signs ready to counter-demonstrate.  They were met by Leonard Librande
> and Len Boudreault (Head of Security) and told that they were not going to
> be allowed to counter-demonstrate.  When they put down their signs and
> simply stood by the check-points, stating why check-points were necessary,
> they were told that their presence was incendiary (all four of them).  They
> were sent away.
> 4.  The students feel particularly hard done by since there was no such
> "protection" by Security at their table a month ago when they put on their
> display.  In fact, they were surrounded by groups of shouting Arab students,
> with whom they attempted to engage in dialogue.
> 5. A complaint is going to be laid, and the Jewish students will ask for the
> same protection this week when they set up their table.
> 6.  JSU intends to write a letter of complaint to hte administration.  They
> believe that, insofar as there is a policy, it is tilted to one side.  When
> JSU had asked CU to institute a policy similar to that instituted at OU,
> they were refused.  The parts of the OU policy they wanted involved careful
> monitoring of incendiary signs, photos, images in all public spaces.
> (Groups can continue to schedule talks in separate rooms, but public space
> is closely monitored so that all students can pass through them without
> feeling intimated.)  JSU was told that OU's policy in this regard would be
> counter to Carleton's commitment to freedom of expression.  Where is the
> freedom of expression when counter-demonstrators can't even put up signs to
> show that there is another point of view, they will ask.

Dear <person>,

As a Canadian student doing my graduate research in the United States, and
as former head of student government at Carnegie Mellon University, I am
appalled at the evidence of unchecked anti-Israel and anti-Jewish bias at
Carleton University, which has been given an air of institutionalization
by recent events.

It has come to my attention, and that of my colleagues in the US and
Canada, that Jewish students have been prevented from protesting a
hate-inspired display by a notorious pro-Palestinian group, Solidarity for
Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR).  This is the same group responsible for
problems at Concordia University.  At the same time, earlier Jewish
student displays and attempts at dialogue had been met with unchecked
jeers and protests.

This is an unnaccepatable situation.  If nothing else, the feelings of
students in Canada should be clear, as evidenced by the results of the
recent Concordia student government elections.  No members of the
SPHR-affilated group were reelected by students.  At the same time,
members of the Hillel group targeted by SPHR were elected by the student
body to most important student government positions.

My message is a simple one.  I will be graduating soon and looking to
Canada for academic positions.  I have had full NSERC/FCAR funding for my
entire graduate career, am coming from a top tier US university, and will
be applying for numerous research grants.  Though my family lives in
Ottawa, Carleton University will become much less of an option unless the
administration can demonstrate that it will not let anti-semitism and
hatred stand.

Students and faculty across North America are watching.  It is in your
power to do something.  No one will fault you for action. Everyone will
fault you for inaction.

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