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Date: Thursday, June 12, 2003 4:28 PM +0000
From: Avi Ben-Zvi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: Bus Blast Kills 16, Hasbara eyewitness account

Hey all,

     I just came from the deadly bus blast in Jerusalem. From the rova in
the old city I heard the loud sonic boom from the bomb explosion
resonate. I rushed over to the site shortly after. Horrifying. Absolutely
horrifying. Words cannot explain the disaster. The bloodied Jaffa street
swarmed with body parts. People everywhere laid injured and dead.  Ultra
orthodox jews wrapped in protective gear stood bloodied while they
searched for scattered body parts. And I, stood in shock. Not in shock of
the reality of another attack in the heart of Israel, but rather I was in
shock at the reaction to this devastating attack. CNN, FOX, BBC and
SkyNEWS reporter's lined the streets for another day of work in
Jerusalem. I spoke personally to Gerald Kessel of CNN. What was so
shocking is that behind him, 16 people died a cold blooded death and he
was not saddened a bit. Next I encountered a reporter from Dutch News. I
asked him what he thinks of the murder of 16 innocent civilians and he
replied with " Israel deserves the attack, they have no right attempting
to assassinate Rantisi (Hamas Co-Founder)". Ladies and gentlemen,
anti-semitism could not be expressed any clearer. An Israeli civilian bus
just exploded and all this European journalist can think of is how to
justify the actions of the genocidal Hamas bomber. ...This is what you'll
be facing on campus! Be aware and be prepared. These 16 souls deserve a

I've taken many pictures of the bus blast. If anyone is interested in
attaining them please email me.

Avi Ben-Zvi

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