On the 7th Day of July, 2003, the 7th of Tammuz, a 7-day simultaneous
Nationwide subscription stoppage protest of newspapers showing a consistent
anti-Israel bias will begin. The Washington Post is one of those
newspapers. In cooperation with our brothers and sisters in media watch
groups across the nation (Boston, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia,
Minneapolis, Tampa, Hartford and Los Angeles) who are fighting anti-Israel
media bias in their cities, EyeOnThePost calls on all subscribers to The
Washington Post to cancel their subscriptions for a minimum period of 7
days, beginning 7-7, 2003. In addition, we call on all advertisers to
refrain from advertising in The Washington Post during this same 7 day period.

Within the past several weeks we've seen the Washington Post say that one
of the leaders of Hamas who oversees their terrorist operations, Abdel Aziz
Rantisi, is a media specialist and not a terrorist and criticize Israel for
pursuing him. ("Israeli Misfire" June 11, 2003

If it is possible for The Post's reporting to be worse than ever, it has
been. Little attention has been given to the PA's failure to live up to its
commitment under the road map to disarm and eliminate the terrorists. The
Post plainly condones a cease fire agreement with the terrorists and
reports Israeli insistence that a cease fire is insufficient as though it
were an effort to obstruct peace.

Yet the Palestinian Authority has 50,000 members on its security payroll,
vastly outnumbering an estimated 800 to 1,000 terrorists.

Prime Minister Sharon confirms 20,000 PA Security Forces in Gaza and 30,000
in the West Bank. He indicated the PA has "operational capabilities and
manpower" to "immediately operate" against terror infrastructures.

The PA's refusal to disarm and arrest the terrorists is a political
decision, but The Washington Post will not report the truth.

The Post gives little attention to Israel's insistence that a cease fire
will do nothing more than give the terrorists time to rebuild for the next
round of assaults on Israelis. Meanwhile, the terrorism continues, and the
Post does its best to soften and whitewash it.

The terrorist shooting of the little 7 year old Israeli girl on June 17 was
given one sentence at the end of an unrelated article.
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A7043-2003Jun17.html Although
the news arguably came in late (other morning papers reported it
prominently), the post failed to follow up the next day with any coverage
at all of this story.

Israeli lives are cheap, and The Post continues to call the terrorists
everything other than what they are ... terrorists.

We need to send a strong message to The Post by protesting its news
coverage. Send The Post a message by canceling your subscription for one
week. Call 202-334-6100 or (800) 477-4679 (outside the Washington
metropolitan area). There are two options by telephone. Pressing option 3
results in a completely automated suspension for vacations, and you will
not be able to tell the operator of your protest of the Post's reporting.
If you press option 4 for cancelation, you will be able to speak to an

If you use option 3, thereby preventing you from giving your reasons, send
an email or letter to any or all of the following 3 people to let them know
you've stopped your subscription in protest of The Post's biased reporting
on Israel:

Bo Jones, Publisher, The Washington Post, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, DC,
20071 (email: [EMAIL PROTECTED])

Donald Graham, Chairman, same address (email: [EMAIL PROTECTED])

Michael Getler, Ombudsman, same address (email: [EMAIL PROTECTED])

Please CC [EMAIL PROTECTED] with your emails (for data tabulation
purposes only)

Friends, please also sign our online petition at
http://www.eyeonthepost.org/petition/ and forward this announcement to as
many of your friends and associates who subscribe to The Washington Post as
possible. We need your help. Our mailing list is relatively small, but you
can make this message reach many thousands of Post subscribers by simply
forwarding it to everyone you know who is interested in sending a message
to The Post to tell the truth.

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