Here is couple of e-mails I got from a non-Jewish friend!! I think that
there is a lot of room for self-inspection and questioning ourselves. The
e-mails are printed with the poerson's permission of course.

NPR makes me crazy! You know, they really paint Israel as villianous. It's
so bizarre! Really, it's leaning heavily on being antisemetic. This
morning they portrayed Israel as dark malicious figures that harrass the
innocent Palestinian bystander. I think I will write them a letter- though
I doubt they'll care. It's strange isn't that so many Jews work for npr.
I've never seen such self hatred in other cultures.
I wrote an email to npr. They make me so angry.
I've been thinking about it today- Seriously, why is it that self-hatred
is so common among Jews? Are there any other examples of it in any other
culture? Also, do you think this is a modern (post holocaust) occurrence?
My last year at Loyola I took Judaism, the History of Modern Europe
(1900-present), and a philosophy course called Auschwitz & After. A common
theory in all of those courses was that some Jews believed their people
weak b/c they were's sort of a post traumatic stress
disorder, like being raped and blaming yourself. But then why are there so
many young Jews who never lived through the holocaust themselves but work
for npr so heartily against their own people?
It doesn't make sense to me.

Remember, the person is not Jewish, just sees a simple truth. So much
shame, where we are bringing ourselves to. Maybe we should concentrate on
Jews as target audience.
Shabbat Shalom

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