The self-hatred goes further. Look at the number of Jews at
pro-Palestinian rallies. However, there's something worse. The
International Solidarity Movement ( is headed by a
Jew and is actively involved in assisting the terrorist groups by
shuttling resources and helping them bring in people. I also ran into
some information that they helped bring in one (or both) of the Mike's
Place bombers. The main use of the group members is as "mules" since they
are mainly westerners and can move around Israel and the territories 
much easier then anybody with a Palestinian license plate. 

I know a few local people involved in this organization, but have given
up on any discussions with them as they consider creation of Israel evil
and the best peaceful solution they can come up with is offering all Israelis
US citizenship and then dissolving the state - and most of them openly
support terrorism (a.k.a. armed struggle) as "the only means of liberation
of Palestine. 

In general, I don't support suppression of people's opinions or organizations
based on their political views, but this particular group has gone from
protests and shouting to active participation in terrorist activity and
thus need to be stopped.


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