Dear All,

It seems that Rutgers university (a STATE university in New Jersey) will
be hosting a meeting of the national International Solidarity Movement
(ISM) in the US.

It is appalling that a GOVERNMENT funded UNIVERSITY should be hosting, and
thereby giving tacit approval to, such a group...especially when said
government has condemned actions perpetrated by this group to support

Please take a moment to write an email, send a fax, or make a phone call
protesting Rutgers hosting of the ISM terror support group's conference.

Further information (including a sample letter) and contact coordinates
are below.



>From October 10 to 12, 2003, Rutgers University plans to
host the Third National Conference of the International
Solidarity Movement. The ISM is a radical socialist group
that supports the destruction of the State of Israel and
that works actively to accomplish this goal by supporting
Palestinian terrorism in both word and deed.

The ISM website reads: "We unconditionally support
Palestinians' human right to resist occupation and
oppression by any means necessary."

And the ISM has done more than voice its support for
Palestinian terrorism. It was the ISM that escorted across
the border into Israel the two young British Muslim suicide
bombers who attacked Mike's Place in Tel Aviv in April,
leaving four dead and 30 wounded.

While recognizing the importance of allowing and even
encouraging universities to act as forums for controversial
ideas, when a university extends the use of its facilities
to those who sponsor and support terrorism, it goes too far.


1. Please write to or telephone Rutgers University
   president, Dr Richard L. McCormick, demanding that
   Rutgers cancel the invitation to the International
   Solidarity Movement to meet on campus.

2. Also call or write to the governor of New Jersey,
   protesting the misuse of state university property to
   host a group that actively supports terrorists and

3. Letters can also usefully be sent to the editors of the
   Newark Star-Ledger and of the New York Times.


Rutgers University

 Richard L. McCormick, President
 Rutgers University
 83 Somerset Street
 New Brunswick, NJ   08901

 phone:         732-932-7454
 fax:           732-932-8060
 email:         [EMAIL PROTECTED]

New Jersey Governor

 James E. McGreevey
 Governor of New Jersey
 PO Box 001
 Trenton, NJ 08625

 phone:         609-292-6000

Newark Star-Ledger


New York Times



I am outraged that Rutgers is hosting a meeting of
International Solidarity, an organization that campaigns for
the abolition of the State of Israel and is explicit in its
support for Palestinian terrorism. This support extends to
deeds as well as words, and its members have actively
abetted suicide bombers by smuggling them into Israel.

While I recognize the importance of allowing and even
encouraging universities to act as forums for controversial
ideas, when a university extends the use of its facilities
to those who sponsor and support terrorism, it goes too far.

Surely the Ku Klux Klan would not be offered the use of
university property. The same should apply, for the same
reasons, to International Solidarity. I urge you to rescind
the invitation to International Solidarity to meet on the
Rutgers Campus in October.


Sunday, June 15, 2003

Rutgers University Hosts ISM-Affiliated Group that supports
suicide bombing

Ami Isseroff [Mewnews June 15]

Rutgers University in New Brunswick New Jersey, will be
playing host to the Third National Conference of the
Palestine Solidarity Movement, organized by New Jersey
Solidarity on Friday, October 10 to Sunday October 12.

According to the Web site of this group,, "we stand for the total liberation of
all of historic Palestine..."

In addition to supporting the destruction of Israel, the
group also supports suicide bombings. The Web site states,
"As a solidarity movement, we are committed to working fully
in support of the Palestinian people's resistance movement.
We unconditionally support Palestinians' human right to
resist occupation and oppression by any means necessary."

In response to an e-mail query, Ms Charlotte Kates of New
Jersey Solidarity explained that this support extends to
suicide bombing, "We support Palestinians' right to resist
occupation and oppression, and do not feel that it is our
place as a solidarity movement to dictate tactics of
resistance to the Palestinian people," she wrote. Ms Kates
does not see anything wrong with suicide bombing. She
states, "Why is there something particularly horrible about
"suicide bombing" - except for the extreme dedication
conveyed in the resistance fighter's willingness to use his
or her own body to fight? Very seldom is there seen to be
something uniquely horrible about fighter planes dropping
massive bombs on entire cities, when the pilot flies home

New Jersey Solidarity is part of a coalition of groups that
make up the International Solidarity Movement, (ISM), and
the two groups are mentioned together frequently on the Web.
ISM won international attention after activist Rachel Corrie
was killed by an IDF bulldozer in Gaza. Supporters claim
that ISM is a non-violent peace movement, and ISM has won
support from Israeli peace groups including Women in Black.

Rutgers is a state university. New Jersey Solidarity uses
Rutgers facilities to organize their meetings and
disseminate their materials. Ms. Kates is a law student at
Rutgers (Douglas) Law School in Newark.

Copyright 2003 by MidEastWeb and Ami Isseroff.

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