Please take the 2 minutes to place a call to lend your support to the
nomination of Daniel Pipes to the US Institute for Peace (USIP).  It could
be VERY important.

Further information is below.

Some reasons to give for supporting Daniel Pipes nomination are:

- he has worked for the depts of State and Defense
- he has taught at U of Chicago, Harvard, and US Naval war college
- he has 12 books on middle east, Islam, and other topics
- his writings have been translated into 18 languages
- he serves on the dept of Defense "special task force on Terrorism and
- he has spent time living in the Middle East
- he speaks French and Arabic
- he has consulted on Middle East topics for a variety of institutions,
including: prominent financial, manufacturing, and service companies, law
firms, bar associations, trade groups, agencies of the U.S. government,
and law courts in the United States and Canada


DATE:   23 July, 2003
TYPE:   Action Item
SCOPE:  Global, Massachusetts

SUBJ: URGENT: Support Daniel Pipes Nomination

The Senate vote on Daniel Pipes nomination is set for today, and there are
rumors that Sen. Kennedy may vote against it. Therefore, it is especially
urgent that JAT members place phone calls to his office.

This is a big one.  The Council on American and Islamic Relations has pulled
out all the stops to block Pipes, and if they suceed it will be seen as a
milestone in the shift of political power form those who support Israel to those
who seek to destroy Israel.  (CAIR supports Islamists, terrorists, and the
destruction of Israel)

The smart money is betting on CAIR.

Please take two mintues to phone Senator Kennedy and say that you want him to
vote to confirm Daniel Pipes nomination to United States Institute of Peace
(USIP). Your reason, of course, is that Pipes is a serious scholar and a
leading student of Islamism.

 Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA)
 8th-term Democrat from Massachusetts.

 Washington Office:
 317 Russell Senate Office Building
 Washington, D.C. 20510-2101
 Phone: (202) 224-4543
 Fax: (202) 224-2417

 Main District Office:
 2400 John F. Kennedy Fed. Bldg.
 Boston, MA 02203

 Phone: (617) 565-3170
 Fax: (617) 565-3183

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Visit the JAT-Action home page at

Contact JAT at


(no need to write to both addresses -- they reach the
same people)



* make your viewpoint clear in the first sentence;
* do not use inflammatory or abusive language;
* be specific, positive, and professional;
* let your points do the talking;
* letters sent by fax or mail are more effective;
* phone calls may be the most effective;
* messages sent by email are less effective

FOLLOW-UP: Whenever you receive a substantive response to
your correspondence, please send a copy of that response
along with your original correspondence, to:

   email:       [EMAIL PROTECTED]
   FAX:         208-247-0658


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can join by sending an email message to:


The message can have any subject or contents. The only
requirement is that it be addressed as above.

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